The Autonomous State for Public Services was founded in 1981, it is established by law 26 November 1980 n. 88, and the property is 100% of the state. The objectives of the Autonomous State for Public Services (pat. AASS) of the Republic of San Marino are to achieve maximum efficiency in service delivery, customer satisfaction and appreciation of employees. The AASS deals with distribution of electricity and operates within the distribution of water and gas, sewerage system, and the extension of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of networks. The Service of Urban Hygiene ‘AASS deals with the collection of municipal solid waste, hazardous waste on the territory also managing a collection point and make further interventions of environmental sanitation and emptying of septic tanks. The AASS is the manager of the Service Sewer and collecting the tax on behalf of the State Environmental and Waste collection fee. The Transportation Service is responsible for inland transport company vehicles, coordinates the activities of school transport carried out in partnership with private companies, manages the Workshop of Repair for the entire vehicle fleet Public Administration, as well as the cable car Borgo Maggiore – City of San Marino. Azienda Autonoma of State for Public Services has also entrusted the management of public lighting, the service maintenance of technological systems of the buildings of the State, the Public Slaughterhouse and maintenance of public fountains.

Following enactment of the Law on support for economic development in 2013, AASS also it relates to the installation and operation of telecommunications services for the public administration and the public sector. A.A.S.S. is completing its own fiber optic network throughout the country, integrating it with technology of digital radio links, in order to give effect to the development of broadband facilities for the implementation of its services. The implementation of such technological systems can also offer additional services to public users and telecom operators in the territory who so request.

From January 2015 A.A.S.S. adheres to the HD Forum Italy:

• presenting in San Marino HbbTV technology and continuing the work started on the ultra HDTV (4K), with the aim of increasing the types of services available and their level of interaction with the population;

• the promotion policies of the Republic of San Marino in the field of technological infrastructure (broadband cabling)

• illustrating how technological innovation in the field of telecommunications is to enable the pursuit of environmental sustainability policies.


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