HD Forum Italia enrolls as Associate Member to Ultra HD Forum

HD Forum Italia is proud to announce that, following informal cooperation started as early as November 2015 and confirmation of interests to interact in a more organised way,  an Associate Membership Application has been sent to Ultra HD Forum. A more than enthusiastic reply has been immediately received from Thierry Fautier, the chairman of Ultra HD Forum, expressing his intention to announce HD Forum Italia application in a meeting with Ultra HD Forum members present at IBC, Amsterdam.  Benito Manlio Mari, president of HD Forum Italia, will be invited to participate.

Mr Fautier commented: “We are glad about HD Forum Italia  joining Ultra HD Forum, as we know the extremely valuable work carried out by them for promotion and advancement of HD and UHD technologies in a major marketplace as Italy. I am honored to connect this initiative, with their forthcoming 10th anniversary of operations”. 

Mr Mari expressed “the interest of HD Forum Italia in cooperating with Ultra HD Forum, by bringing in all the experience developed in the last years”. “The Italian marketplace “, continued Mr Mari, “is particularly challenging because it welcomes several global players related to audiovisual technology and thus requires harmonization of global technical solutions in the spirit of preliminary cooperation in voluntary standardization for more efficient competition, and in the interest of the Italian citizens, that must be offered the best user experience, at an affordable and reliable innovation pace”.