The benefits of associating


Being among those who intervene to define common technical rules and procedures is among the substantial benefits enjoyed by HD Forum Italia members. It is a non-secondary prerogative that adds up to others, equally important, such as accreditation, thanks to a supply chain representative body such as HD Forum Italia, at national and international bodies, entities, governance, and institutional representations, with an authority, representativeness, and impact that is difficult to match as individual entities. In addition, access to the technical literature produced by the Association and the Joint Technical Group, as well as to all association events including workshops, represent opportunities for significant professional enrichment.


Other benefits include:


– The invitation to attend all meetings and events organized by HD Forum Italia, including the Annual Conference;

– The ability to cast one’s vote at the Annual Meeting;

– The opportunity to meet and network with representatives of the main realities of the Italian digital audiovisual industry.