How to associate


Only legal entities (corporations, institutes, public bodies, private entities, associations, etc.), not individuals, can join HD Forum Italia. The procedure to associate includes an informal first step of expression of interest, by sending an e-mail: to the attention of the Deputy Vice President.

This will be followed by an e-mail of acknowledgment, from HD Forum Italia, in which all details will be provided and the documentation necessary to finalize the membership request will be specified. The membership request letter and documentation are to be attached depending on the legal type of the requesting body. In any case, the application must be signed by its Legal Representative.

In the case of corporations, for example, the documentation to be attached includes a recent Chamber of Commerce certificate.


The Board of Directors, or the Assembly, considers the membership application at its first useful meeting. Membership is valid for the entire calendar year and is tacitly renewed from year to year. It entails the payment of a one-time membership fee to be paid and an annual fee to be paid each year, including the year in which membership took place.  For further details on how to join, the rights one acquires and the consequent obligations, the Association’s Bylaws can be consulted.