What we do

The association was founded “to promote, support, present and disseminate the use of audiovisual and multimedia content, as well as High Definition products and technologies”. Consequently, HD Forum Italia followed the evolutionary path of High Definition and produced an important piece of “technical literature” which led to the creation of the HD Book Collection: a series of guides, protocols, and documents with specific recommendations that over the years have become an invaluable orientation tool for producers and broadcasters.

In addition to the creation of technical documents, the activities of HD Forum Italia include

  • organization of meetings, workshops, and events;
  • development and proposal of technical solutions;
  • joint drafting of open, interoperable technical system specifications: for the Italian digital platform
  • representing members to Authorities and third parties, to protect their general interests;
  • participation in the works of Committees, Organizations and Institutions – even at an international level;
  • participation in promotional and coordination activities;
  • participation in the works of the Forum for Advanced Media in Europe
  • promotion of direct or indirect actions aimed at achieving the targets set for an open, interoperable and harmonious diffusion of services and technologies in a pre-competitive market for the purpose of protecting the business decisions implemented by the end customer with the purchase of consumer electronics products and receivers.