Working group

HD Forum Italia interacts continuously with the platform representatives, with national and international standardization bodies: with the specific intent of defining a functional ecosystem for all the operators of the Italian platform, in full compliance with current international regulations and standards. To fulfill this task HD Forum Italia has set up a special internal task force, a Working Group, whose primary function is to “look ahead”, that is, to develop a roadmap and lay the foundations for future technological developments of multi-platform audiovisual and digital television in Italy.

HD Forum Italia’s Working Group examines and explores the various problems, critical issues, and potential of technological innovations which in the short-term horizon will be available on the market, offering the industry clear and unequivocal recommendations for their practical application. The natural outcome of the Working Group’s activity is the production of the HD Books, manuals, and texts that comprise the “technical library” which is mainly directed towards the industry, and produced in collaboration with other international standardization bodies such as DVB, ETSI, ISO/MPEG, OIPF or representatives of the audiovisual sector and industrial chain such as Confindustria Radio Televisione, Tivù, CEI (Italian Electrotechnical Committee) and so on. The Chairman of the Working Group is Gino Alberico.