In the field of audiovisual technologies, Fondazione Ugo Bordoni (FUB) has always been a center of excellence in Italy and in major international standard bodies. Introduction of color TV in the Seventies, European projects dealing with experimentation of new television formats (in the Eighties) and with definition of standards for digital tv (in the Nineties), the introduction of digital terrestrial television (2002-2006) and the complete transition from analogue to digital broadcasting (2006-2012) have all benefited from a prominent technical role played by FUB.

According to its Statutes, FUB “devises and proposes … strategies for the development of the communications field, to be brought to relevant national and international bodies and operationally assists the Ministry of Economic Development and other Public Administrations” in solving – by an interdisciplinary approach – technical, economic, financial, managerial, normative and regulatory issues connected with their activities.

Thanks to its outstanding competences, both technical and strategical, in the field of digital television and to its mission towards Public Administrations, FUB is among the promoters and the founders of HD Forum Italia and plays in there a market-neutral role, coded also by its statutory assignement of Deputy Vicepresidency within the Association.

FUB aims at identifying innovative solutions for broadband communications and new generation networks to meet the challenges posed by technological convergence. FUB’s mission also includes a strong commitment to education and promotion of public debate concerning the technological and industrial development in Italy.