Invitation to contribute to the Survey

Dear Colleague,

The HD Forum Italia Association with the “States General” project is strongly committed to the creation of an observatory on the transformation that the telecommunications sector will face in the coming years.

In 2018 we laid the groundwork for the first phase of the work, starting with a market research called “Understanding and forecasting the future of the TV and media industry“, conducted together with IHS Markit. From the presentation of the results and following a targeted debate among the HDFI’s Councilors, we have been able to highlight some indicators from which to extract the elements of in-depth analysis to expand the value of the project.

One of the reflections we were faced with, led us to highlight how the involvement of the “chain” market representatives, however the heart of this association, could constitute an added value to consolidate the new phase of study we are facing.

Based on the data from the previous phase of the States General, we have formulated a questionnaire called “Age of Disruption“, which illustrates some market trends that are likely to take place in the next decade.

The results will provide us with a privileged vision to use as a guideline to maintain and expand competitiveness with respect to the evolutionary step of the Media and Communication sector with which we are dealing every day.

Having said that, I am pleased to invite you to complete the Survey: Age of disruption: looking for value in the next decade of the Media market.. which you can access by clicking on the same title.

Waiting for a kind feedback, I thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards

Benito Manlio Mari, President