Piercarlo Invernizzi, CTO EI Towers S.p.A.

“Saturday, May 28, 2016, Milan, San Siro Stadium, Champions League Final. Mediaset Premium broadcast the event in 4K UHD mode on a terrestrial DVB-T multiplex. For the first time, the Italian tradition of terrestrial broadcasting met the highest expression of high-quality digital TV. EI Towers was there and played a key role in compression, transport, and broadcasting, in this innovative experience! This experience was also gained thanks to the fruitful technical discussions with all the HDFI-associated entities involved in the qualitative evolution of digital television, in which the people of EI Towers have always been honored to participate. Dialogue fosters growth, and it certainly will continue to do so in the future; HDFI is the right place to engage in dialogue to create the foundations for further growth together.”