Eurosport launches a 4K channel dedicated to the upcoming Olympics, kicking off already with the Roland-Garros tennis tournament. In addition to being available on discovery+, it will also be viewable on TimVision and Sky.

The summer of 2024 promises to be a great season for sports. Between the UEFA European Championship in Germany (June 14 – July 14) and the Olympics in France (July 24 – August 11), sports enthusiasts will have plenty to enjoy, especially those with a 4K screen connected to the internet. While the UEFA European Championship will be produced ‘only’ in HD 1080p HDR, the Olympics will also be produced in Ultra HD, allowing viewers to enjoy much of the event with the magnificence of 4K format. Eurosport will be the main broadcaster, enhancing its coverage by launching several new channels to ensure no moment of the Games is missed. In addition to its ‘home’ platform, discovery+, the Olympics will also be available on Sky via satellite and on TimVision, thanks to agreements recently concluded by Warner Bros. Discovery with these two platforms.

For TimVision, the agreement includes coverage of over 2,000 hours of live and on-demand content across the regular Eurosport 1 and 2 channels, plus eight new Eurosport channels entirely dedicated to the event (one of which will be in 4K available on TimVision Box) and four additional Eurosport Extra channels, for a total of 14 channels. All are included in the regular subscription.

For Sky, the agreement provides for the activation of eight channels dedicated to the Olympics on the satellite bouquet, including the 4K channel, in addition to the usual Eurosport 1 and 2, totaling over 1,000 hours of live events, with on-demand content as well. The additional HD channels will also be available on SkyGo, while the 4K channel will be available at no extra cost for customers with the optional Sky HD 4K/Sky Ultra HD service active.

A luxurious appetizer for 4K TV owners will be the French Open (May 26 – June 9): during the Roland-Garros tournament, Eurosport will activate the 4K channel, which will also be accessible to TimVision and Sky subscribers.